Preeti Keyboard

G enerally, Preeti font used to type Preeti in Microsoft word documents cannot be used on the web as it requires unicode Nepali Font.

Use our above tool to convert text into Unicode Nepali. After this you can use the text any where on the web or on other mobile and desktop applications.

Beside, you can also type in Preeti using Preeti keyboard mapping.

Nepali Currency Exchange
Currency Unit Nepali Rs.
U. S Dollar 1 Dollar ($) 119.0624 Rs
UK Pound 1 Pound (£) 161.3924 Rs
Euro 1 Euro 135.0649 Rs
Malaysian Ringgit 1 M. Ringgit 28.4494 Rs
Saudi Riyal 1 S. Riyal 31.7416 Rs
Bahrain Dinar 1 Dinar 315.8908 Rs
Qatari Riyal 1 Q. Riyal 32.5479 Rs