How do I Install Hindi Fonts?
  1. Click to download the font.
  2. Then, extract zipped font by using RAR Software
  3. Next, go to the Control Panel, and open the "Fonts" Folder.
  4. Finally, copy the font from the extracted folder and paste it into the "Fonts" folder.
 हिंदी Font Download और Install कर्ने की तरिके
  1. हिंदी Font अप्ने computer में Download करे "
  2. RAR Software download और Install करें| और Downloaded हिन्दी Font पर Right Click कर्क़े हिंदी font folder अप्नी computer पर extract करे
  3. Control Panel पे जाकर Font Folder खोलिए
  4. ईस Font Folder में, पहेले extract करा हिंदी Font को paste और move kare
 How to Install Font in Apple Mac?
  1. Close any open applications. Newly installed fonts may not appear in your menu if you ignore this step.
  2. Drag and drop the unzipped fonts into the Fonts folder in your user’s Library folder found here: /Users/Your_Username_Here/Library/Fonts.
    Note: As of OS Lion, the library folder is hidden from users unless you hold down the Alt/Option key while clicking on the “Go” menu in Finder.
Alternative Way:
  1. Double click the font file and font book will open a preview of the font. Click “install font” at the bottom of the preview.

View, Download and Print High Resolution DevLys and Kurti Dev Hindi Keyboard.

We have added 6 new fonts - DevLys and Kurti Dev. They are probably the most used fonts in India. Often used for daily and official use in government departments and office in many states of india.

Official Hindi Keyboard Layout

Download, print and use following Hindi Keyboard Layout to type in Hindi using above fonts